Terms and Conditions  

Thank you for considering booking a holiday at Pathgreen Glamping.  

When making this booking, you are entering an agreement with us and agree to comply with and be bound by the terms and conditions of use below.  

We reserve the right to accept or decline bookings at our discretion. Your contract with us will begin when booking confirmation is issued and will be on the terms laid out herewith. All bookings are confirmed at the point of payment and we will issue you with confirmation as receipt of payment received. 

Without immediate payment provisional dates will only be held for 24hrs  before being released.  

You, as the person making the booking, are responsible for all members of your party. You as the person booking must be at least 21 years old at the time of booking.  We can only discuss your bookings directly with you, we cannot discuss details with any other party member without your consent to do so.  

Payment & Cancellation  

  • We ask you to pay full booking cost at time of booking. 
  • A booking may be refunded or dates or stay changed free of charge 14 + days before check-in.
  • Between 14 days and 48 hours before check-in, a change of dates can be offered free of charge, however, no refund will be offered.
  • No refunds or date changes can be offered 48 hours prior to guests arrival.

External Bookings (Air BnB etc)

  • Any bookings made by an external company website must adhere to the external companies cancellation policies.
  • View AirBnB’s cancellation policy.

If you have any questions surrounding our cancellation policy, you can contact us.

We accept online payment via Not sure or Direct Bank Transfer. 

Promotional offers will only be applied if they are valid and quoted at the time of booking.  We reserve the right to change or withdraw a promotional offer at any time.  

In the unlikely event, we need to cancel your holiday due to reasons beyond our control, we will do our best to offer you a suitable alternative date as close to your original booking dates as possible, or if dates cannot be agreed upon, we will issue a full refund. This may include occasions where the accommodation becomes inaccessible due to a  Meteorological Office Severe Weather Warning or another unforeseen event. We will not be held responsible for losses you may suffer as a result of a cancellation or change to your booking by us. We strongly recommend you take out adequate holiday insurance that will cover you for comprehensive cancellation reasons. 


You must notify us immediately if you or other guests show symptoms of Covid-19 during or within 10 days of your stay.  


Cancellations due to COVID-19 All cancellations at this time will be able to rearrange their stay for another time within 2 years of the cancellation date, with no administration fee. If you choose your rescheduled dates in a higher price range you will need to pay the difference and if you choose to reschedule in a lower price range the price difference will be refunded, however, we are unable to give refunds due to the current circumstances. We  strongly recommend you take out holiday insurance that covers cancellations  

Arrival and Departure 

You have access to your accommodation from 3.00 pm on the day of arrival. On the day of departure, you must vacate your accommodation by 10.00 am, leaving your accommodation clean and tidy. 

Please note that the advised check-in time is between 3.00 pm and 6.00 pm. The check-in times are for your own interest to allow you time to unload your luggage before dark. Should you be unavoidably delayed, please contact Pathgreen Glamping.  

Site Regulations 

In order to make the stay at Pathgreen Glamping as pleasant as possible for everyone, all guests must keep to the rules of behaviour listed here, behaving in a considerate and safe manner to all people and animals onsite. 

To respect fellow glampers we ask that there are no high noise levels after 9.00 p.m. with all noise to stop by 11 p.m. We do not allow amplified music or drumming. 

Only wood purchased from Pathgreen Glamping can be used for a wood-burning pizza oven, hot tub and fire pit. Please do not collect any wood from the surrounding area for burning. 

Fireworks and sky lanterns are not allowed as they pose a risk of fire and are a danger to livestock. 

We hope you love the natural environment as much as we do! We ask that you consider the Countryside Code including the following: 

Leave gates as you find them, closing a gate if found closed. 

Keep to public footpaths. 

Do not walk across crops (this includes long grass).

Leave no trace on the land. 

If the Site Regulations are breached, in serious circumstances, we may ask you to terminate your stay without a refund.  


Animals are not permitted to stay in the pod.  


We are a smallholding and we ask that you respect our animals. Please do not enter their fields and please do not feed the animals as your kindness may kill. 

We do not accept any liability for injury or death incurred by our animals. Children must be supervised at all times. We recommend you take out travel insurance against the risk of accidents and your stay being terminated early.  


Smoking is strictly prohibited in the pod and hot tub. Smoking includes the use of vapours and e-cigarettes. We reserve the right to cancel your booking and request your departure with immediate effect.  Cigarette ends must be disposed of responsibly and must be extinguished fully before being placed in the metal ash bin provided.  

Parties, Antisocial and Illegal Activities  

Parties and excessively loud music are strictly prohibited. We reserve the right to cancel your booking and request your departure with immediate effect if we are made aware of gatherings or excessively loud music and will retain the full amount of your booking payment.  You must not use Pathgreen Glamping pods for any illegal, immoral or antisocial activity.  You must only use Pathgreen Glamping for the purpose of your holiday and not for other purposes such as business without prior consent from the owners.  

You must keep the Pathgreen Glamping pod, its contents and facilities clean and tidy and leave them in the same condition as when you arrived.  

Candles must not be used.  

You and your party must ensure the pod is secured before leaving it during your stay and on departure, and that all keys are left in the pod door.

 Minimum booking age

Parties of under 21 years of age are not permitted. 

Wood-fired hot tub usage  

The wood-fired hot tub is a private hot tub and will only be used as per guidance provided in your welcome book. We have safety information that lists the safety policy which must be adhered to when using the hot tub. Hot tub safety includes the following:Use safety straps on the lid when the hot tub is not in use 

  • Not suitable for children under 5 years old
  • Children must be accompanied by an adult
  • If you feel unwell be sure to leave the tub
  • We do not advise the use of the hot tub whilst pregnant
  • Anyone with medical conditions should check safety first
  • We do not advise the use of the hot tub if suffering from a heart condition, epilepsy, skin conditions
  • Avoid drinking alcohol before/during use of the tub
  • Use the gauntlets provided when adding wood to the wood burner
  • Check the water temperature before getting in the hot tub
  • In extreme freezing temperatures, the use of the hot tub may not be possible. Water in the hot tub must not freeze as this may cause irreversible damage.

This list is not exhaustive, and it is your personal responsibility to check if you have any other health conditions which may be contraindicated prior to use. 

You may use the private hot tub throughout your stay unless we advise a break is required following the application of water treatments. We routinely test the water quality once daily and will require a brief period of access to the hot tub. We will ensure minimum inconvenience while water testing. Hot tub hygiene requires all users to have a shower before getting into the tub and to not add any products to the water. If the hot tub safety and hygiene advice is not followed, we may need to ask you to stop using the hot tub. Only wood purchased from the site may be used. All ash must be disposed of in the metal bin provided.  

Wood-fired pizza oven usage  

The wood-fired pizza oven is an optional extra and must be paid for in full before use. We will supply kindling and natural firelighters enough. Additional kindling may be purchased from the site. Only kindling from the site may be used.  

We have safety information in your welcome booklet which must be adhered to when using the pizza oven and for a cooling period following use.  

  • Please use the gauntlets provided when adding kindling to the pizza oven. Children must be supervised at all times while cooking and during the cooling period of the pizza oven  
  • The pizza oven must not be moved by anyone other than a member of the Pathgreen Glamping team.
  • All ash must be disposed of in the metal ash bin provided.

BBQ Usage  

The outdoor BBQ grill will be used sensibly, for the use it is intended, and with extreme caution.  The BBQ must be thoroughly cleaned following use.

Children must be supervised at all times.  

Day Visitors 

You can have day visitors during your stay but you must inform the site manager. Day visitors are not permitted to stay overnight.  


Flying of drones is not permitted.  

Damages, breakages and cleaning 

For damages or breakages: Guests are advised to check the accommodation unit/s for any damages or breakages found at the beginning of their stay and to notify Pathgreen  Glamping of any that they find.

Please let us know if anything gets broken so we can replace it for our next guest. We will only charge for replacements in exceptional circumstances. If damage is directly attributable to the guest, then we reserve the right to request payment towards costs of repair/replacement.  

For extra cleaning: Guests are reminded that they must leave the property in the same condition as when they arrived, remove all food items and personal belongings and follow  Pathgreen Glampings’ instructions about where to place rubbish. It would be appreciated for guests to remove bedding and place in laundry bags provided along with towels and robes, thank you.

If the accommodation unit is not left in an acceptable condition and Pathgreen Glamping has to carry out extra cleaning above and beyond what they would normally expect this will be charged at £15  per individual staff hour. 

Complaints Procedure 

We take great care to ensure you have an enjoyable stay at Pathgreen Glamping however if you have a complaint during your stay please contact the site manager as soon as possible in order for us to address your concerns. If a genuine complaint is not settled to your satisfaction, then you can email Pathgreen Glamping within 14 days of your departure. 


Pathgreen Glamping accepts no liability for: 

  1. theft, loss or damage, of whatever nature, during or as a result of a stay at Pathgreen Glamping.
  2. any defect or out of action equipment and loss or closure of supplies at Pathgreen Glamping.

Guests are responsible for any losses and/or damage which occurs as a direct or an indirect consequence of their stay, irrespective of whether any losses and/or damages are caused by themselves or by third parties who are at Pathgreen Glamping.