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Pathgreen MeadowSweet Spa near Perth in the Ochil Hills provides a window of time to disconnect from daily life and reconnect with nature & stillness. A personal journey of relaxation & wellbeing with Denise Miller . A cocoon of luxury to soothe body, mind & soul.

Relax, rebalance and revitalise your body, mind & soul with a deeply relaxing and nurturing spa treatment.

Our skincare range Made For Life Organics are handmade in Cornwall using only 100% organic ingredients.

Our treatments are akin to a period of meditation, a blend of soothing rhythmical movements inviting peace and calm.

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Please book in advance of your stay to avoid disappointment.

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Spa Treatments Perthshire

Body Treatments

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Hot Stone therapy concentrates on the use of warm basalt stones incorporated into traditional massage. One massage stroke with a warm stone is the equivalent to five to ten strokes by hand. The deep penetrating heat from the stones is used to massage the body, easing discomfort and tension of aching muscles creating a sense of well-being. Bliss for body, mind, and spirit.

1hr £65


Feel your stress and tension disappear with this wonderfully relaxing therapeutic experience.

30 mins £35

Made for Life
Body Treatments

The following rituals have been carefully designed to soothe and nourish the body, using specially selected products. These rituals are for anyone however, they have been designed for those who are undergoing, or have recently undergone treatment for cancer, have a life limiting illness or long covid. All experiences begin with breath-work and visualisation to commence relaxation, with the emphasis on a holistic approach to wellbeing.

Hand On Heart

A mindful, gentle and nurturing ritual for the head, face, back and shoulders – created to allow you to drift away into a mediative state of relaxation. A combination of deep breathing exercises and slow Tui Na Chinese massage techniques rebalance and calm the upper body. A soothing 100% organic facial cleanse followed by a pressure point massage eases tension from the face. Finished with a slow and gentle head massage to clear the mind.

55 mins £65 

1hr 25 mins £80

Catch The Breath

This slow and gentle calming ritual for the head, back and shoulders was created to enable you to drift away into a mediative state of relaxation. Slow, rhythmic movements using 100% organic Made for Life Organics products provide you with a true sense of wellbeing and reconnect the mind and body.

45 mins £50

Soft Touch Therapy

A full body ritual using an exceptionally relaxing sequence of slow, soothing and nurturing massage techniques. This beautiful gentle and mindful touch induces a deep sense of relaxation and peace, easing any anxieties and stress and promotes the ability to be calm.

55mins £65

Rose Indulgence Treatment

Create a sense of calmness whilst your body and mind are nourished and replenished.

This luxurious wrap tones and softens the skin. The treatment begins with gentle skin brushing to detox and stimulate, followed by a softening body massage and hydrating toning wrap. The treatment is completed with a skin brightening facial and calming head massage.

90mins £100

Mindful Botanical Massage

A wonderful massage if you need a deeply relaxing full body massage. Choose from 3 beautiful botanical oil blends.

45 mins £50 

1hr 25 mins £80

Mindful Moments Treatment

A beautiful nurturing meditation experience, a calming foot ritual, head neck and shoulder massage, clears the mind and soothes the soul.

50 mins £55

Muscle Melt Massage

Feel muscular tension and stress melt away as 100% organic Made For Life Soothing Muscle Balm is applied. This natural deep heat treatment which is rich with rosemary gently but effectively soothes and loosens tension in your muscles. Ideal as a pre or post workout treatment or simply to address and relieve any muscle tension. Please note this is not a deep tissue or sports massage.

75mins £75

Back to Life - Gents Energising Back Treatment

This therapeutic and relaxing back treatment is coupled with an energising back exfoliation to deeply cleanse and nourish.

45mins £55

Relax into Radiance Treatment​

A full body exfoliation gives a sensation of complete invigoration, leaving the skin pristine and polished. Tension is melted out of overworked muscles and joints using massage techniques to target problem areas.

The face is gently massaged to ease tension, using balms and oils that will smooth, soothe and hydrate the skin. A beautiful, total body experience.

Please note this is not a deep tissue or sports massage.

75mins £75

Pregnancy Massage


A beautiful and nurturing massage created especially for Mum to Be. 100% organic oils created to nourish and replenish are applied, using gentle and relaxing massage techniques to ease muscular tension and soothe. Almost like Tai Chi…in a massage. This is the perfect ritual to nurture Mumma and baby to be.

1hr £55


A soothing relaxing all over body treat, designed especially for Mums to be.

This wonderfully relaxing Wellness ritual combines the Mamma to Be treatment with a relaxing and nurturing facial to help rebalance the skin. Slow smooth massage techniques create a sense of deep relaxation, relieving any aches and pains. Gentle Made For life 100% organic oils will nourish, repair, and help prevent stretch marks. This top to toe ritual is the perfect treat for mums to be or new mums who need some self-care.

1hr 30 mins £80


Made For Life - Soothe & Nurture Facial

A beautiful way to restore natural luminosity to the skin, leaving you looking fresh and radiant. Using Made for Life Organic skincare products, this facial will nourish, cleanse, eliminate congestion and bring back natural balance to the skin. A deeply relaxing face and scalp massage calms the mind and soothes the soul.

30 mins £40

55 mins £65

Made For Life - Rose Quartz Wellness Facial

A calming facial using rose quartz Gua Sha crystals, Tsubo massage points and a soothing head massage. Enhancing wellbeing, uplifting yet relaxing. Made for Life Organics skincare products

1hr 15mins £75

Hands and Feet


Reflexology is the application of gentle pressure to areas of the feet. A deeply relaxing therapy focusing on reflex points which correspond to organs and systems of the body. A blend of reflexology techniques unique to your needs, creating an individual treatment.

1hr £50

Sole Sensations Pedicure

Lighten your step with this treatment. Relax from the start with an organic rosebud soak and exfoliation to refresh tired aching feet and soles. Sole Sensation uses gentle 100% organic nourishment and shaping to nails and cuticles, followed by a soothing leg and foot massage with cooling peppermint and healing rosemary. Nails are finished with a gentle buff.

40mins £45

Tender Touch Manicure

Feel tension ease and nourishment return to hardworking hands with this beautiful treatment. Hand reflexes are soothed and nurtured with a caring touch using enriching and moisturising hand balms. Nails and cuticles are gently shaped, nourished and finished with a gentle buff.

40mins £45

Mind and Soul


Mindfulness based strategies invite increased awareness which gives a choice to live life more fully, to respond to situations rather than react automatically.

This is accomplished by gradually paying more attention to oneself through physical sensations, thoughts, moods, emotions, and recognize how they change.

This is just the beginning of a mindfulness journey. Mindfulness based techniques and meditations will be shared which may help cope with anxiety, panic, stress, pain, breathlessness and the ups and downs of life in general.

Benefit from a one-to-one consultation, and a programme created specifically for you.

Group retreats are also available. Please enquire for further information.

1hr £60


The meaning of Reiki is universal light energy. This energy flows through all things living. Reiki supports balancing the energy system, chakras, which run throughout the body. A gentle treatment which connects on a physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual level.

Promotes a deep sense of calm, relaxation and ease from emotional stress and tensions, nurturing overall wellbeing.

45 mins £45

Seasonal Specials

Mini Treatments

Enjoy any 2 of the following 15-minute treatments for just £35.

Mini-facial, scalp massage, back massage, foot massage, hand and arm massage, or back of leg massage.

30mins £35

Luxury Back Treatment

Luxury Re-energising Back Treatment

Back exfoliation removed with hot mitts followed by a hot stone back massage.

45mins £55

Luxury Foot Treatment

Foot exfoliation, mask with heated foot mitts followed by hot stone foot massage.

45mins £55

Top-to-Toe Treatment

30 minute facial (includes scalp or arm and hand massage), 15 minute back massage, 15 minute foot massage.

1hr £65

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